Week 1 – Revising the Old Blueprint

What a profound reflection! Thank you for sharing and giving us a glimpse into what is possible!

Gails Master Key Journey


Have you ever looked around and wondered “How did I even get here?”  It’s like that feeling when you are driving down the road and so intent on what you are listening to or thinking that you are all of a sudden 3 exits past where you wanted to turn off.  You thought you were paying attention.  Eyes were open, hands on the wheel, foot on the gas.  You were driving at 60 (or in my case 70 . . . or 75) on a crowded highway that encircles Boston, surrounded by thousands of other drivers – who could also be lost in thought.  When you “come to” and shake yourself out of that thought coma, your adrenaline starts to rush a little bit, in frustration for the workaround in traffic, but also humbled to wonder if your attention would have been “on it” if a major accident needed aversion.


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Week #24 COMMENCEMENT – The Gifts that Keep Giving

I chose a message from Og’s scroll V: “today’s hours are but a bonus”  to illustrate how true I believe this to be, and to also marvel at how quickly all those bonus hours have flown by in the last six months of this course!  I admit that I’m feeling a bit of sadness at the impending closure of this portion of our MKMMA program.

What are some of the things that happened while participating in this journey of self-discovery? The first word that comes to mind is Abundance.  I was exposed to an abundance of gifts and treasures, through genuine connections with others and insights gained from readings and focused activities. I feel like a different person than I was six months ago.  Below I share some of the things that empowered me to move forward in new and different ways.

“The Master Keys” by Charles Haanel “wowed” my brain to see new truths about the reality of Spirit, Source or Universal Mind and how the power of thought connects me to that spiritual power. I see, feel, and hear how my thoughts become creative and vital in a very soul-satisfying way. The gift of having Haanel’s words is unparalleled for my spiritual self .

“The Greatest Salesman” by Og Mandino offers so much wisdom, easily put into practice, especially taking the time to read and apply the knowledge daily.

The Sunday Webinars, Movies, Articles, TED Talks and Master Mind discussions brought many “real-time” perspectives for this journey. I so appreciate the variety of messages and the tools provided, which I can use for the rest of my life! A fun outcome is that my life partner and I have started a “date” activity to sit and watch TED talks regularly 🙂

The daily exercises

  • I enjoy writing the daily gratitude cards and observing random acts of kindness. This alone shines a light on the abundance in our lives. I knew I was blessed, but these activities are Powerful!
  • I live, walk and breathe my DMP. Reinforcing this daily allows me to see what activities are simply goals vs. those which point me towards my true purpose!
  • Yes, and I exercise daily 🙂
  • Getting quiet everyday has provided me with many “break- throughs.” I have literally expanded the space inside of me because of this practice.  Now I want to keep going there!

Blogging Weekly has allowed me to transform journaling which previous to blogging,  left me with that “gnawing” feeling Mark J talked about, every time I engaged in it. The insights have nourished my spirit. And on top of that, what a gift it is to read other people’s blogs, who shared deeply and connected with me and others!

Personal Changes – Tools, Changes in Belief and Actions

  • Other tools I found myself using consistently for change, are the Laws of Substitution and Acceptance, “The Seven Day Mental Diet”, and masterminding with people. Using these tools provides me with clarity and every challenge that stirs up the “old blueprint,” loses its momentum when I choose not to “entertain” destructive thoughts and behaviors.
  • I continue to focus on WHAT I WANT! This supports me in staying focused on my DMP and every action that I take.  I use the power of focus to educe and strengthen attributes such as courage and persistence.
  • DECISIVENESS….Speaking of attributes that we find in the Franklin Makeover activity; Mark J, in one of his video “blogs” had us do an exercise. To which he said, for those of you who are waiting to see what the whole exercise is about before doing ANYTHING…. means you are indecisive!! Ouch!!!!  I get it…I do that kind of thing a lot more than I like to admit. I know that developing this attribute will give me the next “leg up” on managing myself and scheduling time and activities.
  • Although I know I still have much to learn in effectively using social media, I am developing a curiosity and playing with programs and graphics more often and with mor confidence. I see the positive aspects of how I want to use social media for business as I develop my skills.

What a great experience! Thank you Mark, Davene and team! I wish everyone success, freedom and love.

Week 23  The Path to Increased Feelings of Love and Peace: Acceptance

This week we were asked to practice the Laws of Least Effort: Acceptance, Responsibility and Defenselessness.  Thinking about these laws throughout my day and observing my reactions, I saw that Acceptance of “what is” vs. “what I wish it to be” concerning others is what is the most challenging for me.

I’m pretty good at accepting a current situation (like my broken foot), but I am much less skilled at accepting how other’s behaviors affect me. That is, thoughts that include everything from judgment (e.g. how rude!) to feeling betrayed (e.g. why did they do that?), makes the acceptance of things and behaviors more difficult. However, the good news is that I realized that this is more personal work – how cool that I really see this!!

Back to the early days of starting our MKMMA course: we started learning that thoughts, which result in the same behaviors over and over again, are addictions. Blame, conflict, resentment, resistance, lack of trust, broken promises, seeing “problems” everywhere, disappointments – to name a few – where literally robbing me of quality time to focus on what I really wanted!

Just learning and practicing these truths from the Master Keys and other daily readings have affected me in a positive way. My relationships have changed and I appreciate much more clarity in my interactions.  Here is the principle again: “give more, get more” – as soon as I started accepting others as they are, I became more accepting of myself!  I have also learned that acceptance empowers me to make better choices, which results in a more peaceful state of mind.

Acceptance on the deepest level, I believe, is trusting that Universal Mind is working for the highest good of all.  How can I possibly know what is right and best for everyone?  I can barely identify that for myself!  This trust and faith in a spiritual power, and simply focusing on this energy through the act of acceptance, is a huge step towards the peace I so desire in my inner world, as well as expanding the love in my heart.

Love transforms that which seems unacceptable and learning to accept and love myself is the ultimate key to MY transformation.

Week #22a Gifts from the Silence and Beyond

What an interesting week this has been!  Prior to my “silent retreat,” I had an encounter with someone that contained enough material in it to send me on a year’s (not 7 days!) “mental diet.” L  The good news is that it gave me a lot to reflect on during my silent retreat and it may have also sparked some possible changes in how I do things in my business!  How I choose to focus on and apply the knowledge attained in this interaction will demonstrate how well I learned the lesson. Only time will tell.

The main thing I learned is that I still need to “make mine” the lessons contained in the Seven Day Mental Diet, by Emmet Fox. It was very humbling.  Even though I worked diligently to practice the Law of Substitution to deal with the emotions that kept surfacing, the experience was like a radio that was simultaneously tuned into multiple stations; constructive thoughts, being drowned out by destructive thoughts and vice versa!!  I have never before been so acutely aware of this “multi- station” tuning, but the experience emerges as a solid understanding of something that has occurred frequently in my life and that it has not served me well……

So with heightened sensitivities, I was gifted with another amazing experience that is the realization of one of my DMP smart goals! That goal is to hold group discussions with people in close proximity to my home to discuss aging issues, contingency plans for emergency situations, personal assistance in times of need, remodeling of homes for accessibility if disability should occur, etc. I am loosely referring to this as the “Five Mile Radius Family.” Each time a friend came to my home to lend a helping hand, a discussion got underway – it seems that the aforementioned issues have been on the minds of many of our friends, who stopped by to provide assistance.  This amazes me to no end as I have SO wanted to hold these types of discussions on a regular basis!  The encouragement I have been getting to do this is undeniable and it is something I have time to do right now.  This has also yielded a new affirmation, which I am taking the time to reflect upon, for it feels both like an inspiration as well as an organizing thought for this DMP smart goal: “Peace, Purpose, Productivity.”

There were so many other interesting things that we in the MKMMA program were invited to listen to or read such as; Wallace Waddles on “The Science of Getting Rich” and the essay by Emerson on “Self-Reliance.”  But since I am near the end of my writing today, I part with a brief summary referencing those works and the message that moved me in my own words; while authentically being myself without compromise, I will endeavor to be creative and not competitive so that all concerned will benefit!”

Week #22  The Power of Vibration

Well, I must start with an update from last week’s foot breaking event; can there really be that many colors in a bruise?!  My sister joked about being so sorry that I had to endure, “the agony of da feet!” Thankfully, however, the swelling has largely gone down and I’m already looking at doing some physical therapy in the very near future.  Friends keep bringing food and continue to help in so many kind ways.  My heart just keeps enlarging with gratitude.

This week’s reading by Haanel specifically addresses health, wellness and even broken bones. What amazing synchronicity! He suggests that the way to correct all that is in discord in our bodies is through the law of vibration; “It is through the law of vibration that the mind exercises control over the body; any given vibration immediately modifies every atom in the body, every life cell is affected and an entire chemical change is made in every group of life cells.”  A necessary adjunct to this law, is the power of visualization. “Make a mental image of physical perfection and hold it in the mind until it is absorbed [by the subconscious mind].”  I couldn’t have asked for a better discussion to reflect on and apply as I am healing.

Even though Haanel’s words are very clear on this subject, the idea of the law of vibration is still mysterious to me, even though I feel I can recognize it, the mystery is HOW IT WORKS.  So I took this as an invitation to observe what vibrations might look and sound like, and how they affect my being.  There were numerous experiences I had doing this exercise, and I can only think that all of it contributed to the healing process.  The island has, I have noticed for years living in several different places here, a kind of deep “drone.”  I usually hear it in the very early morning and I feel it deep in my solar plexus.  I have always noticed this, but now the experience of it has expanded because of reading about the law of vibration.  Music and poetry have a similar effect on my heart, with a wider range of emotions being elicited. Haanel shared Tennyson’s words; “Speak to Him, thou, for He hears, and spirit with spirit can meet. Closer is He than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet.” Read this aloud and see if it moves you too. What a powerful law!

One other synchronicity this week was watching a documentary called “Alive Inside.”  It is a film about the effects of music on Alzheimer’s patients and touching their essences deeply when I Pods are put on their ears with music from their culture, region or era.  From comatose to alive! It is very much worth watching and I believe it shows in tangible ways, how the laws of vibration and visualization work in us.  Please take a moment to see the short YouTube directly from this film: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FWn4JB2YLU. This expansion of awareness is truly a gift and very deeply healing.  Enjoy!

Week #21 Miracles and Kindness Amplified!

I was totally looking forward to Week #21 of the MKMMA program; reading new Haanel is something I greatly anticipate and the discussion about the subject of Miracles, well, that was just the best.   I cried and marveled, once again, that we truly are miracles of nature!!

Then life handed me another one of those unexpected moments, which I hadn’t planned on writing about, but here I am, compelled to share.

I was pruning my lime tree in the back yard, feeling blissful about being in our yard, but also careful as my partner just had foot surgery two weeks ago and I am his primary caregiver.  I was almost done, when suddenly it felt like somebody YANKED the ladder out from underneath me.  There I was, as the orthopedic doc described it; “Ursula, sky-diving without a parachute!”  I was touched that he showed a sense of humor. While the event was traumatic, everything fell into place quickly (no pun intended); a friend found me within ten minutes after the accident occurred, I got ice on the foot that was clearly injured and another friend got me to the ER, all within the hour.  I felt blessed for being conscious the whole time, and I stayed present and aware while emergency care was being administered.  This was a completely new experience for me.

As the day evolved, I found out that two other dear friends were precariously balanced on THEIR ladders and tractor buckets AT THE SAME TIME AS ME!  I am telling myself a story that I am the “Fall Guy – or Girl (as the case may be)” because they would have been hurt much more than me, as they were much higher up in the trees. To me it is proof that we are all magically connected. I also like knowing that they are safe and sound, and as it turns out, they are taking really good care of my partner and me. My diagnosis is that I have an unusual heel break, which will require a fair amount of rehabilitation, but no surgery! As far as I am concerned, all of this is a miracle.

I am also deeply moved and emotional about the extraordinary kindness friends have been showing us by driving us to appointments, bringing food, movies, books, vacuuming the  house, taking care of our dog, doing laundry – well the list is endless  – all without being asked!  I have such heart-felt gratitude for all of their expressions of love and concern.  As one friend put it; “love is NOT just an emotion, it is also a verb!” The emails and phone calls have been very comforting too.

The only thing is, every time someone walks into the house, they start laughing and then apologize for being insensitive at seeing the two of us with crutches and wheelchairs. They say things like there should be a sign that says M*A*S*H unit, they ask us if we were kick-boxing, they wonder out loud if we will be holding wheelchair races and they joke about the fact that we make such a pair, and so on.  Did I mention we injured the same foot?

Sorebrokenfeet2Feb2015Really, the laughter is welcome and very healing.Take care everyone!